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Well I’ll give ya the props you need!. I would say that if you care enough(obviously you do)about actually gaining strength and always striving to push yourself harder and harder to bring your poundages up then you deserve MUCH respect for that kinda drive and dedication.

“HEAVY” is such a relative term because it means something different for everyone. I give you respect for not lifting the same 5 pound DB’s for the last 8 months straight. Most women just lift because its what cosmo tells them to do to maintain vitality.

You obviously have more goals than just showing up and going through the motions, keep at it. Just remember, some gyms I go to I’m a GOD because I’m surrounded by 175lb men who ogle me when I put 245 over head, or rip 455 off the ground.

Then again some gym I go to I’m nothing special and I’m sitting there admiring someone much stronger than I am. If your giving it your all, then your lifting heavy, its all about progression.