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Hey you handgunners...

Check out this site for a good laugh…

This looks disturbingly real. If it is, it has to be the single dumbest aftermarket gun part that I have ever seen.

I’m getting the .50cal BMG rifle kit. Can’t wait till it gets here. Potato guns are for sisies!

I want the mountain dew shotgun…that thing’s sweet.

You gotta be joking me.

yes… its a joke

Man, I got ta have me one of them there Nuke 50’s before Deer season opens! Shoot 'em, skin 'em and BBQ 'em in one easy step!

Violent movies do not cause violence. However, they do teach black people to hold a gun poorly. :slight_smile: Seriously, the sideways position has a very limited tactical usage. Mainly it can cause an auto to jam easier.