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Hey ,ya wanna stop that

Last night I went to a college party and ended up grindin pine on this sexy little girls backside for most of the night. Real cutie, tight Baby Phat red velour outfit on, belly chain over a just visible tanned six pack, black v.s. thong stickin out the back, diamond nose stud, tonge ring, full round breast and a sweeeet backside. Anyway…we’re doing our thing in a basement packed full of people, and we both start sweating like crazy. She takes off her little jacket and I take off my shirt and have on a wifebeater. HOLY SHIT, we start really going at it and before I know it I have another girl grinding up behind me and kiss on my neck. The girl I was dancing with pulls up my beater and starts kissing/sucking on my stomach and chest. I’m grinning my balls off, and the girl behind me grabs me by the shoulder, turns me around and starts throwing her ass at me in an unearthly manner. Naturally I oblige her and get up on that backporch (btw black patent leather kneehighs with a denim mini so short everyone could see her whole undercarrage when she was popping it). That’s when it first happened. The girl I was originally dancing with start kissing on my neck from the back. Then up my neck, then she lightly tongued my ear, then SHE BIT MY EAR…pretty hard to. However I’m a bit of freak and like a girl who “enjoys the beatin’s” so I continued. No more than a half-a-song later the I start hooking up with the the other girl and she sucks my lower lip so hard I thought I was bleeding, there’s a mark today. WTF??? Obviously at this point some people are taking notice to what my two new teething freinds and I are doing, so I tell them both I’m going upstairs and they should come. A bit chewed on, but still grinning, I go into an unoccupied room with these two girls. OHHH BOY! Now I don’t mind the rough stuff, claw my back and ass, grab my hair, shit… even a slap in the face adds a certain element sometimes, nibbling/sucking all good fun. HOWEVER, when it comes to BITING and I’m talking about "this morning I woke up with my nipples feeling like I was nursing a liter of pittbulls and have Mike Tyson like bit marks all over my shoulders, back, ASS! and stomach. So…did I get their #'s ? YOU BET I DID. Hope everyone else had as great/interesting of a weekend as myself.

I love stories like that. College…can’t beat it.

What school was this at?

Wideguy, excellent work.

Alcohol + college girls = fun

I agree, no hangover this morning either. I was at Mommouth.

Haha, Monmouth? I was talking to this girlie at Duquesne today and apparently their football team beat Monmouth. A battle of powerhouses. BTW, where the hell is Monmouth? Is that even where you’re talking about?

i live 25 minutes from monmouth what gym do you go to wideguy?

Monmouth is in central Jersey,very upscale shore town…good work Wideguy,im like alittle over an hour away from there,how about next time you hit me up and i`ll help mac some girls with ya! haha

Hmmmm… Have you seen Blade?

Man, bring some of these ladies over to Philly.

I knew I should have gone to college.

And that, gentlemen, is the male’s view of such fun events…

See? I’m not so alone in my shenanigans afterall.

Good job, wideguy. If ever in Denver… bring the chickies!


One word: “paragraphs”.

Man one time this girl sucked my lip so hard it hurt for a fucking week. Good thing she didn’t blow me otherwise she would have swallowed my peesch. If i ever saw that girl again …

Monmouth is around exit 105. I don’t live there I live in Toms River and commute to Stockton. I have a friend who goes to Monmouth. Right now I lift at home 2-3 days a week and at school the other 1-2 depending on my schedule. BTW even the soreness I’m feeling in my quads/glutes is any indicator then I can only imagine how those girls lower backs feel :-).

Mr. Zeb if I rewrite my post with correct composition and grammar will I get extra credit? Are you going to assign homework over the holiday break? AAAWWWWW! (whiney voice) Thats not fair!!!

I hate you wiseguy =). Well my weekend sucked minus going to see the UFC fight.

Toms River is’nt too far from me…actually i was at the Saw Mill(you know the place Wideguy) sat. night,i could’nt believe how packed it was!!I did hook up as well,so it was worth the 45 minute drive…

Yeah I was at the Saw Mill Last Saturday. I go there about once a month and if I’m not hooking up by then I usually go over to Bamboo, and that does the trick.