Hey Whopper are you out there?

Just wanted to say your absence has been noticed and I hope everything is going well with your family. I know you were disappointed with the responses to your last post and that might be why we haven’t heard from you. Cool, if you need a break, just don’t go away completely. Your input is needed here. Take care-A Girl

yeah mate i hope your fine too !!! oh and tell mrs whopper that we hope she is getting better to.
happy workouts and life mr and mrs whopper and the little whoppets

Whopper, Just because a few “ASSHOLES” hi -jacked
your last post,(which, had alot of heart)doesn’t mean
the rest of us don’t respect you!

FFB…little whoppers? Shouldn’t that be Whopper JRs? Yeah, where you at man? Hope the home situation is continuing to improve. Take care.

A shout out to my man Whopper! Hope it’s all good, big dog…your lil’ buddy’s definitely missin’ ya, man:-) Hope everything’s aight with the Vixen, the new jobby job and everything else. And I’d be really interested in hearing how your training is going too, as I was really liking your method of madness of switching things up often.

I never contributed to Whopper’s T-vixen post a month or so ago, but it was probably the most inspirational thread I’d ever read on the forum. Since then, at least three times a week, I’ve been interceding in prayer for Mr. H and the Mrs. And lately I’ve been remembering Timbo too. (Timbo, this is the Steve from the old calorie averaging and hydrostatic weighing threads. A lot of Steves here, I know.) Hang tough. And let’s hope we’ll all be enjoying Whopper’s eloquence again.

How ironic is this post. I think things would be better here if the people that barf on posts because they are ignorant or feel threatened by the topic would get the hell on. Again, simple ettiquete or manners. And yes, if the shoe fits … For my part, ill keep firin things up until the troll numbers dwindle and we restore a decent level of interaction.

A-girl, yes I decided to take a break. Having my integrity questioned bothered me a great deal, primarily because of the type of person I am…I tell you how it is even if you don’t like to hear it (The Vixen taught me how to be that way :)) Anyway, she is going to Physical Therapy 3 times a week, and can do a whopping 5 pounds on the lat pulldowns, and 10 pounds on the leg machines (my baby is getting STRONG!! LOL!) Yesterday was a great day…she was able to do ONE leg raise, and 45 seconds on the bike…as you can see, she is just about ready to compete in one of my full contact martial arts events LOL! All humor aside, it is a long slow road, and I have been working my ass off to keep her spirits up (I can’t even begin to imagine being in her position…it would KILL me) I keep encouraging her, because some days she feels that she will never be the same again, and gets herself into a depressed little funk. So I have been doing the good Whopper thing…lots of cards, lots of verbal encouragement, and making an ass out of myself as often as possible to make her laugh. All this while working, being Mr.Mom, and keeping up with the laundry and housework…needless to say I sleep well at night!!

I appreciate all of your concern about her more than you know. I also do realize that there are a lot of great people on this forum, and for me to allow some people who probably have self-esteem issues in the first place to get to me…was wrong on my part…normally I wouldnt let crap like that bother me, but with everything going on…well my tolerance for BS has dropped considerably. I will get back to posting. To all of you…thanks for caring!! (ohhhhh…I hope that “thanks for caring” comment will not be construed as homosexual because it was directed at guys as well as girls…next thing you know the trolls will be saying I am gay or bisexual!! If any trolls have that opinion, introduce me to your woman (if you have one) and I will demonstrate to your satisfaction my heterosexuality(if the Vixen gives me permission to of course, I may not be gay, but I am whipped…lol!..but guess what trolls…if you had a woman with anything that even came close to the Vixens abilities (when healthy of course) you would be whipped also…it AINT a bad thing!)

“How ironic is this post. I think things would be better here if the people that barf on posts because they are ignorant or feel threatened by the topic would get the hell on. Again, simple ettiquete or manners. And yes, if the shoe fits … For my part, ill keep firin things up until the troll numbers dwindle and we restore a decent level of interaction.” Seems rather out of place for this post. I would even say “trollish.” Late.

Whopper, my man! It’s good to know you haven’t left the forum. I know I’ve been in-and-out recently (vacations, conferences), but I still enjoy seeing your posts. So don’t let some knuckleheads cause you to question yourself. You’re better than that my man. And I’m also glad to hear that the vixen is doing well. Pretty soon, she’ll be outlifting me. I’ve just graduated to pretty pink plastic dumbbells. Give me more time, and I’ll kick her butt. :wink: I look forward to hearing more from you bro. So don’t stop now. I know you’re one helluva busy bee now, but we still like to see your posts! So do it up Mr. Mom!

Whopper, you and I have never really done any direct inter-posting (kind of strange, when you think about it, as we’re both long-timers on this forum), but I’ve always enjoyed your contributions and point of view. Hope everything works out well for you.

(Oh, and I could be wrong, but I bet that Dre meant that message to go to another thread.)

Whopper, its got to be a pretty stressful time in Whopperville at the moment not only with Germaine’s health and your daughter to look after but changing jobs at the same time, man thats enuf stress for a decade let alone all at once. How’s the new job and gym going? Have you found all this stress to be catabolic? If I’m being too nosey just tell me to piss off (I won’t be offended). Hang in there, only value the opinions of people you respect and TNSFD (take no shit from dorks).

Whopper, my man, you’re the Prodigal Son and we welcome you back with open arms, dog. Man, I don’t know who was gonna bust my chops like you…make me feel like crap and make me feel like whoopin’ some major arse all at the same time! Great to hear about the Vixen’s success and I hope this same is true for yourself, big guy!

Steve-O...you da man! I definitely remember ya, bro, ya stand out like a shining star from the other Steves (Steveroni, etc.)! Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, big guy! Ya know I need 'em:-)

Nate bro…I don’t know about you kicking her ass bro…she is a determined Vixen, and will be up to 7 pounds on that pulldown in NO time!! Char Dawg…your right…we are both some old timers around here, and I think we interacted once on a MA post possibly, but I could be wrong. Hyphnz, relax. My job is great, much better than my last job, so its all good on that front. As far as the stress being catabolic…probably yes, but the workouts and martial arts are the only things keeping me from going insane lately when the Vixen gets in a funk, the little one is cranky, I burned dinner, and the damn dog has gotten into the garbage again. That is when I go to the basement, and hide…usually having a GREAT workout. I have seen strength increases, but I was seeming to be gaining more fat than muscle as of late (even with following massive eating to the letter, so it could just be cortisol from too much stress I guess) So a week and a half ago, I switched to the T-dawg diet, and I am very happy with it right now…I am firming back up, and seem to be (slightly) gaining strength, and am dropping weight very slowly (2 pounds this week) which is great, because I know I am preserving the muscle mass. I also am using nandrosol, tribex, md-6, and ZMA daily and ALA on saturdays. The new gym is great…but talk about TEMPTATION…the gear is WAY too easy to get…I even had a dream about using roids a few nights ago. For now tho, I have way too much going on to consider using anything that will make me less patient with everyone, so until things settle down on the home front, and the Vixen gets up and around again, I will just keep doing what I am doing.

What? No one misses the Monkey?

“MB Eric: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! since 1287.”


Monkey who??? lol Welcome home Whopper.

Dammit, E-Man, I miss you, bro! It’s been really upsetting and saddening not to have you, my Primate brethren, swinging the vines of the forum during the week…you’re letting those lil’ goons suck it outta ya, bro! Don’t leave Timbo hangin’!

Timbo’s got an exercise to add to the Shoulder Shredder’s Club too, E. I guess they’re Standing Alternate DB Presses. Take some heavy DBs with a semi-supinated grip at shoulder height and press in an alternating fashion. These bastahds will fry your delts and give an amazing pump in both delts and pipes! And…welcome back to the jungle, E:-)

Whopper- I got loads of respect for you in your difficult situation and otherwise. I wish you and your wife the best.

Whopper, I don’t know ya. I’m pretty new here and just starting to get the gist of things. I haven’t posted much, but I remember reading a couple of yours about your wife back when I was just reading and not posting. (There’s so much info here!) I wish the best to you and yours. Take care, bro.

Oh Timbo…I know you are probably miffed right now that I have not acknowledged you…but I have to ask…what does the scale say Timbo? Just because I took some time off…does not mean that you should have…I hope you are eating!