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Hey, What Happened?!


I log in this morning and get sent directly to this forum and the text has all become BIGGER???

Guess I'd better check-in...

How did T-Nation know it's my 35th birthday? :wink:


Happy 35, you youngster!




Happy Birthday, Jilly!! I hope you have a great day! I will be joining you in the 35 club in November. I am looking forward to it. You aren't getting older, you just keep getting better, isn't that what they say? You are a prime example of that. Good luck with the work-outs & diet!



Happy Bday Jilly!!!


Happy birthday from those of us who think of 35 as "back in the day".


Happy Birthday!!!!


Happy Birthday, Jillybop! Hope you have a great day, and maybe even some cake and ice cream too.


Hey, happy day of birth. Then again, why don't people celebrate "conception dates"? That would put your date 9 months earlier. Does that give substance to Freedom of choice? Let's debate, shall we?

Or not. Happy Birthday.


Isn't that how the chinese do it?

Happy Birthday, JB.


Happy B-day kiddo!!

Dude.... the idea of a celebrating my parents bumping uglies makes my flesh crawl.


Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday my little inspirational Jilly! I hope this day and the rest of the year are everything you wanted.



I don't usually get into the whole "ogle and worship the T-vixen's picture" thing. That being said, I had NO idea you were pushing 35 when looking at the pictures you've posted in the past. Congrats. Really. I'm impressed. By the time you're 40 you'll probably look like you're 20!


Happy Birthday!



Well, commemorating the day the condom broke might not always be a happy occasion (if it's in fact known).

Happy birthday, Jilly!


Were there condoms in those days?? Wow, who knew?

Happy birthday, Jilly.


Wish I was 35 again. Let the GOOD times roll. Life gets better with age.

Happy Birthday!!! 35 pull ups instead of spankings. Unless, of course, you like spankings more.


Happy Birthday Jilly, ya old fart!


Thanks a bunch, everyone! Just got back from an awesome workout at the gym (kids-free even). My MIL took my older son and the baby's taking a nap, so I think I'm going to take a quick shower and actually sneak in a nap.

Does getting excited about a nap mean I'm getting a little older? oh well...