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Hey Westsiders

I’m curious how often you change your DE exercises? Every week? Every month?



Although you may change the loading parameters as your strength improves. But the exercises themselves don’t change.

You don’t change the exercises, but you might add bands, chains, different grip widths on the bench, or different bars on speed squat day along with bands and chains.

Never, just cycle the resistance. If your beginning, just stick with the straight weight.

Thanks guys, that’s what I thought. I’m not training specifically for PL but rather for a variety of stuff (call it general athleticism) so I’ll probably change it up every 6 weeks or so to ensure reasonably equal development.


yea the DE movements are always bench,squat,deadlift, but there are small changes maded based off %'s, speciality bars, bands and chains,
Are you sure you didnt mean Max effort movement we chnage those every week…big martin

Nope, I knew about that. I just didn’t really hear much about different DE exercises so I kind of figured they didn’t change too much. But I wasn’t certain because doing the same exercises for too long is a great way to land yourself an overuse injury. But then I thought perhaps with the lower weight that’s not an issue.

Anyway, thanks for the answers. It’s kind of what I suspected but I’m glad to have it confirmed.