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Hey Timbo!

Hey My Man,
I always see you talking about good books you have read and I was wondering what were some of your personal favs? I am looking into buying Natural Hormonal Enhancement and I see you suggested stuff written by Bompa too. Got any other ones you consider “must haves”??? thanks…Tony G

Poliqiun principles is awesome. Also A good book I have been reading recently is called Mind Pump, its about how to apply an effective psychological program to bodybuilding. Id highly reccomend it. You can find it for like 5$ with shipping on half.com in new condition. I Highly reccomend it.


Just started reading NHE…very informative…a definite must have…also: Poliquin Principles, Ketogenic Diet by Lyle McDonald, and Bodyopus. I have never read any of Tudor Bompa’s work but I have heard very good things about his books. I remember T-mag writers made a list of their favorite books and gave a brief synopsis of each one in one of the issues, but can’t remember which one…do a search and you might find it…

Tudor Bumpa is great stuff to read if you are into building your own program. I like his PERODIZATION book “Theroy and Methodology of Training”.

Another good book is by Fleck and Kraemer “Designing Resistance Programs”. Both great books.

Hope this helps…

Tony, there have been some excellent titles mentioned. I’ve read and/or own most of those mentioned. Both the Bompa books are excellent, the Faigin book is quality, Poliquin Principles is a favorite, Zatsiorsky’s Science and Practice of Strength Training, Designing Resistance Training Programs by Kramer and Fleck, the NSCA’s Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning, Dave Draper’s Brother Iron, Sister Steal.

I’m also very much into journal article and texts. Mind Pump is also a good book, but I’ve come across several other motivational/sports psychology books that I found more beneficial: The Mental Game Plan and In Pursuit of Excellence come to mind. I would also suggest checking out Human Kinetics website.

And you can’t deny The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by Arnold, if for no other reason than motivation.

Not much more to add,without asking Tony G- what are your specific interests? There are so many good books out there we could narrow the field a little.

Oh yeh, and definate bump for Arnold! His book is totally outdated, but just to get inside the mind of one of the greatest BB’ers ever, and seeing his methodology in training, and life in general, is fascinating. I would LOVE to see another updated edition. (But then again, I guess it would lose it’s current charm).SRS