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Hey! TCs dog is in Maxim! ;-)

Last night I was flipping through the latest
Maxim mag, and there’s a dog on the back
cover that damn sure looks like TC’s dog. :slight_smile:
Guess Bull Terriers are styling these days.
BTW, TC - those reverse incline curls work
great. Thanks for the tip.

Didn’t catch the Maxim, but…those Reverse Incine Hammer Curls do kick some butt! I also like the Eccentric Close-Grip Chins to use as a Finisher…Thanks, TC, ready for the Bamboo Shoots to sprout!

I gotta’ go dig up my Maxim–I didn’t bother to look at the back cover. Was it an ad for gin, and was he wearing a sweater? If so, that’s another Stafford.

Glad you guys like the biceps movements.