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Hey TC

Don’t know if you’re reading this or not, but I have a question for you (and others if they have any info).

I’ve come to the conclusion, that despite working on my horizontal rowing, my posture is still god awful. It’s not so much of a rounded shoulder look as it is a hunched forward neck look. I know in the past you’ve talked about using one of those “fun noodles” (and, no, not YOUR fun noodle…god knows you talk about that enough) to help reverse this type of problem. I’m thinking about trying the same thing out.

My question’s kinda basic, and I should probably just intuitively know this, but I don’t. Did you hang your head off the end of the noodle or keep it on with the rest of your body? Also, how long per day did you do this and how long did it take to see some results?

I looked all over the place and couldn’t find where you wrote this before.

And if I get one friggin chiropractic comment from anybody else, I’ll shoot first and ask questions later. :slight_smile:

Posture correction is a multi-faced process. With proper training (stretching of anterior muscles, strengthening of the posterior muscles) you have the “possibility” of an improved posture, but you still must develop good postural habits. Just because your improve muscle balance doesn’t mean that your posture will automatically improve, you must learn proper posture and practice it. The more an more you practice it, the more automatic it will become until it eventually becomes your natural posture.

Understand that you developped your current posture with years of habituation. You wont correct the problem with a few weeks of exercise.

Christian is right on the money.

Hey DocT, obviously you’re old school and use to read MM2K, because I remember TC writing that (if you want, I could find the issue for you). TC had his head and neck on the “noodle”. It’s kind of a balancing act, but not too bad once you get used to it. Now, step away from the computer, and go lie down on your fun noodle…you know what I mean.

do you mean the ‘wacky’ noodles that charlie p. refered to? he was using those for his clients in the am before a training seesion. you can get them at wally world. hey dr t. I used to hand out with the b-b crowd down at new orleans. used to train at riviera downtown. used to work the npc jr nationals for pambiango and pertuit. how is the ‘scene’ down there these days?