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TC has talked about his MM2k days quite a bit at T-mag. Most of it is spread throughout the Reader Mail section. He talked about it the most in the “Meet the Press” article a few issues back. Check it out.

Honestly, I think he’s all talked out when it comes to that topic. He worked for Bill, he took MM2k to #1, he left, MM went into the shitter, he helped start T-mag and is currently on his way to taking it to #1. 'Nuff said. Sure, he could probably air some dirty laundry if he wanted to but TC isn’t like that. Besides, why dwell in the past? Bill sold MM and EAS a while back and now MM is part of a whole different genre of magazine. The whole saga is over and I think it’s kinda wrong to keep asking TC to write and talk about it (especially when he already has.)