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Hey, T-Vixens!

Now obviously y’all are here in the T-Nation because you appreciate all it has to offer; tons of cutting edge information on training, nutrition, supplementation, etc.; lots of quality feedback on questions concerning any of the above; the sense of comraderie and community in the forums (well, until some of us start talking about good ole’ politics), and so on.

So I’m curious.

As a sense of allegiance, or maybe to help promote T-Nation, to make a statement, or just because you like the shirt, has any of you ever worn the “Testosterone” shirt out in public?

If so, what, if any, response did you get?

If not, why not?

Oh heck yeah. I wear mine to the gym, I’ve worn it to work a couple of times, and I’m considering belting it up and wearing it with heels as a dress because Biotest can’t make them in anything but xxxl ;).
It gets funny reactions…most of the time people going “But women don’t have testosterone??” snickers. The times I’ve worn it to work I’ve gotten major props from guys who work out…but I’ve never had an intelligent lifting comment from another woman about it.

I proudly display my Testosterone T-shirt and usually get an odd, kind of confused look from those who notice it. I find it funny being the majority have no clue that the shirt represents a magazine.

Major props to you, girls!

bigprljamfan, your mom wearing that shirt oughta really make 'em think twice before crossing her!

And elveneyes, I’m kinda liking the idea (and get a real visual!) of you and other T-Vixens belting up that shirt and wearing heels! Damn!

In fact, I think that ought to become the official “uniform” for all T-Vixens! (Here that Patricia and ~karma~?) :slight_smile:

I wear it to the gym, most regularly on leg days. Something about catching a glimpse of it in the mirror makes me want to push myself harder. The reactions I get are that “confused/deer-in-the-headlights” look by females and older people and an rather hostile “what’s she doing wearing a shirt about testosterone?!” vibe from the younger guys. Fuck 'em.

I’m with Elven too. Even though mine is a medium, I could easily belt it and wear it with heels. Pretty much all my skirts and shorts are shorter than my Testosterone shirt is anyway. I have to put a big ol’ knot in the back and tuck it up into my bra to keep from tripping on all that excess fabric (can’t quite bring myself to cut it off, seems sacriligious).

Women and their legs…

I’ve got an XL, and it’s borderline for one of those shirts that I have to hang dry to keep its length. Long torso, stubby legs.

Damn, I think the possibilities for making the shirt/skirt official gear are looking better all the time!

Yeah, ~karma~, I know what you mean about the cutting up of something like the shirt that has a certain type of “holiness” to it.

In fact, I pulled mine out of the pile of dirty laundry next to the washer to use it to wipe the dust off the dryer when something caught my eye.

I held up the shirt for closer inspection and I’ll be damned if I didn’t see that it seemed to bear the image of TC’s face on it, similar to the famous Shroud of Turin!

What was I thinking?! Needless to say, I used my old, worn out Body-for-LIFE shirt to dust off the dryer instead.

Here’s my t-dress!

I wear the shirt everytime I go to the gym. But, most people know I’m kind boyish and they dont question me about it at all.

When I finally get my very own Testosterone T, I promise to belt it and wear it with heels! Not doing all those donkey raises for nothing!

Going to be sad now cause I am one of the few Vixens that do not have a shirt yet.

May have to drink more beer at the Bon Jovi concert tonight to drown my T-sorrows.

boo hoo hoo…Alicia wants a shirt.

Awesome start, Cassanova, but where are the belt and heels? :slight_smile:

Shout out to Chris! We’ve got Alicia taking the pledge to sport the new gear, but she’s got no shirt? Of course, I guess we could take up a collection to buy her one, on the condition she promises to post a photo afterwards!

Keep wearing em vixens!

I haven’t seen any at my local club yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised sooner or later since there is a few gals there who fit the mold.

And where is goldberg? That pic of cass with that non-goldberg’s arm around her…

I'm no T-vixen, but I got the coolest reaction ever...

...the owner of my Gym asked me to stop wearing it to the Gym because...
* cough cough* they dont want Porn advertisements in the Gym *cough*.

I was stopped a couple times by someone who thought I was advertizing for Testosterone.com - which I guess may be some sort of porn site? (T-Mag's site is either testosterone.net, or T-Mag.com)

I have, but it was the T-Nation design… Only someone already exposed to T-mag would recognize it.

There’s got to be some sort of karma associated with it; I only wear it when I’m being super strict with my diet and training, never when I’ve been slacking. Can’t let the side down. :wink:

Perhaps you vixens should write some emails to the guys at T-mag pressuring them to put out some Testosterone babydoll-tees or tank-tops.

That would be so fucking hot!

I assumed that the vixens only wore ankle socks and K-Swiss sneakers to the gym. They’re clothed, though.


Excellent point, CMC!


I’ve never seen a woman wear one at the gym, but then I’ve never seen a guy wear one there either (other than me). I’ve had mine since like 1999, and I’ve only ever seen one other guy wearing one and that wasn’t even at a gym. I must be living in a T-desert.

Jim, that’s what you get for having your membership at “Curves”!

Teasing! :slight_smile:

24 Hour Fitness – much of the time, same diff. (Been back to the one in my old neighborhood a few times lately and it’s totally packed with seniors during the day. Not going to be seeing any T-mag shirts there.)

I’ve been wanting a T-tank for a while now… That’s a great idea… I was thinking about making my own.

You’ve got my vote for the T-tank!!!