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Hey T-Nation

age 21
training 6 years ( serious training for 4 )
off season weight: reached 240lbs
contest weight: 190lbs
I work in sales for a local supplement company

figured this is the best place to make a first post. hobbies include guitar, snowboarding anything to do with bodybuilding nutrition supplementation or AAS. although I am still natural.

great job, cant really tell what body parts are lagging or not up to par with the rest, but from the picture you look solid a good package, however you will likely get flamed for this post as it could well be you but as you have posted little to no training and nutrition info and only one competition photo that anyone could have downloaded

it is quite possible that this is not in fact you this is why multiple photos are requested in addtion multiple photos gives to opportunity to view ‘the whole package’ and see which areas are not up to the standard of others. like i said if this is you good work

with the amount of trolls on the internet I can understand where you are coming from. I’ll post a few more pics to justify this is in fact myself.

as for training and nutrition info unless your someone else that’s just curious as to “what I do” im not looking for critique in those areas. i know my lacking parts as well. Im my own worst critic… haha

thanks for the response though benny!

Few more pics.

front lat

front double bi

someones gonna have to explain how to add multi photos to one post cause this noob cant figure it out at the moment aha

I would be interested in hearing about diet and training both in contenst prep and off season

hey ryan, in a nut shell its pretty basic, i dont have any crazy secrets

I know what foods work for me and I eat them during contest and off season

Pre Contest: carbs 200-100g (tapers down to 100 last 3 weeks ) oats/rice
protein 250g extra lean groundbeef/egg whites/chicken/serloin
fat roughly 50g

         Total: 2250 cals

Off Season: carbs 400+ (oatmeal/rice/potato/waxymaize)
protein 250+
fat: 80+

        Total: 3500+ cals

monday - rest
tuesday - legs
wednesday - shoulders
thursday - chest
friday - rest
saturday - Back
sunday - arms/calves/abs

rep range always 8-12 with 3 sets. never do i use the same weight for a set.

Wow, do you lift weights?

excellent question!

no, I use exercise bands with different grades of resistance

Looking real good mate, nice v taper, look quite balanced for your size.

Great pics, thanks for the Nutrition / photos, I think I’m reasonably close to where you are, I’ve hit 250 bulking and am going to start cutting. Unfortunately wont have my hands on supplements for the next few moonth.

More info on your Sunday training please.

I’m surprised you got to 240 lbs on 3500 kcal a day. Impressive work nonetheless, especially at 21.

nice physique,upper body looking good especially,well balanced however your traps seem way behind the rest of your body,how tall are you?