Hey Solareclipz!

I just read your post amazing fat loss, and would like to ask exactly how you went about it and how long it took you? I’m down from 315 myself and am 234 now and have 40 to go, so I could use some tips and encouragement!


Hey Greg,
Well At the time I never stumbled on to t.net…There is a world of Info on this site…
Basically I went from around 330 and dropped down to 178(scrawny)…The key to it all was diet… If your diet is not straight you wont see any progress in any direction…Once I got to around 230… It was just a matter of being patient… I drank gobs of water…ate no carbs after 6pm… Ate lean sources of meat…Cottage cheese…tuna… etc… I basically started hateing the way food tasted and would constantly say “I eat for science” people think your nuts when you say this…I would never skip a meal… always ate “clean”…I also kicked up the cardio(3-4 days a week) content and hit the weights 2 or 3 days a week… with basic lifts …the structural lifts…It sounds like your doing AWSOME! and keep up the good work!..Once I got down to 178 at 6 foot 2 I looked sick… Im now trying to gain a little weight… Im up to 210 now… same size of pants…when i was 178…unfortunalty after being 330 I cant seem to get the cut look… maybe once i hit 220 Ill try the Fast fat diet and see where it goes…I also unfortunatly have stretch marks around my stomach and around my deltoids…I call them former self wounds… everytime i feel down I look at them… and look where ive gone now… and it builds the urge in me to work even harder!..Losing weight is just as much a mental thing as a physical thing… without the mind convinced the body is lost…Keep up the good work… youll drop it in no time!..

Thanks Solar, for the tips and encouragement! I’ve been steadily getting better and better in my training and diet, but I haven’t seen any weight dropping off since May. I know I’ve decreased BF% but I’m really shooting for weight loss as my primary goal. I’d like to see 200-210 and I could be really happy there (I cannot imagine ever being 178).

People already think I'm nuts. My desk at work is filled with Biotest supps and I have this ad that has a "get tough" sort of message on my mirror. Every time I wake up and don't look like that guy, that's a day I won't skip going to te gym.

I’ve been training so hard and it’s killing me not to see the weight come off, but I’ll just keep plugging away.

Good luck on your trip up to the 200’s in a good way, dude!

Congrats on the sensational results, guys. Just on the stretch mark thing, a mate of mine has lost about 50 pounds over the last three months, and we included two boxing-style workouts as part of his cardio every week. Old school stuff like lots of bag work (great for hangy triceps and delts) and medicine ball crunches really kept the skin tight while he lost the weight. Just an alternative to same old, same old cardio routines, (only so many miles you can cycle). Everything else sounds great, keep it up.