Hey Shugart, loved the interview with......

…my future wife Miriam Power. I’ve been stalking, err…following, err…information about her (yeah that’s it) for some time. She should be T-Mag’s official T-Vixen. Crap, let her pen articles (pics of her using the butt-blaster would be required though), in fact forget “penning” her articles would be better if done in picture format (a picture is worth a thousand words!). Seriously though, that was an excellent article and (if possible) keep us updated on Miriam’s progress. And all T-dudes are invited to the wedding, hell stay for the wedding night! Anybody got video camera I can borrow?

Thanks, Todd. I heard from Mariam a few days ago. She has some more movie and TV deals in the works and just decided to enter the drug-free world championships in Reno Nov.16-19.

She’s a very cool, down to earth gal. Sounds just like Poliquin, though, with that Canadian accent. Spooky.

I just had the most terrible mental image of Poliquin in drag taking on the Chinese women OLer’s in Sydney and then retiring to become Chyna’s tag team partner.

On a more pleasant note, the imagination wonders how many helpers a babe as endowed as Miriam needs to squeeze into a bench shirt?

Hey chris, you said you were looking @ Miriam Power’s web page. What is the addy? I did a search on several search engines and came up with nothing. Please post her web addy!

FROM CHRIS: Should be a link at the bottom of the article.