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Hey Rosie

Just checking in: How is the fat fast going? Are you seeing results? Are you staying motivated?

I’m starting on Sunday–can’t wait.

Wow, a thread with my name on it. It’s not going as well as planned. I kind of digress because life happens, and getting the workouts where I want them has taken time. But I am seeing the BF % drop very nicely. Still working on calorie requirements. I just might break down and go with the mrp and oil, instead of trying to incorporate real food in there. THat would take out so much temptation. Plus, my 10 mnth old suffered bad diarrhea for about a week, which kept me up most nights ( i couldn’t even get my usual 4 hours sleep). ANd this past weekend hubby and I went away for a nice trip without the kids. Thursday - Sunday. You know I didn’t stick to it then. I stayed low carb for the most part, and still kept my one cheat day. But calories went out the window. I did work out in the hotel’s fitness center. But for the most part I ate, slept, slept, visited with my hubby (hehehe) and had fun.

Now I have a renewed sense of determination. And I feel good. Workouts this week have been intense and the eating is on point. So I expect my results to be real good.


I think it’s great that you’re sticking with what you can during so much stress. When I get stressed my temptation is to throw proper eating out the window.

I did a fat fast last year and found that meals of protein shakes with flax seed oil did make things a lot easier. I had at least three of them a day, even though I had to bring them to work and they would taste terrible by the end of the day. Some days I didn’t eat solid food at all, although this time I probably will, given the benefits of whole food.

Anyway, I’m going to join the “get ripped” thread next week–hope to see you there, too. Happy fasting!