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Hey ROOKIE...You Suck!! BWA ha ha!

Yo Rookie! I figure if no one responds to our rips, we might as well rip each other for the fun of it! Whaddya say?..bitch.

Your an ass.

Dude, it’s “you’re” as in you are an ass. Your is possessive as in, “Hey Pat…your momma!”

are you all bored or what?

My apologies, you’RE and ass…and I really don’t mean it, just rying to flavor the conversation.

Let’s begin a boredom club. See? I looked up this thread again. hyukhyukhyuk. I am more bored than you!!!

Hey Ratso, sorry it took so long for me to respond to your insult, but I can’t surf the net on weekedns, bc of my work schedule, but you can eat shit anyway :wink: Hey pat “your” an asshole too.

Hey Ratso, only I can take so long to respond.
Get off your fat bill h and post already. I have class soon, and I need to hear your cumback, so I can think of one in class instead of falling asleep. Later cupcake, oh yeah, stop reading Muscle Media and post you pansy!

yes Rookie i am a gay fag

We already knew it dude, thanks for coming out though :wink:

You guys are Queer for each other, aren’t you? In all due respect, you two have seemed to have developed a teasing attractiveness to each other. Why don’t you guys agree on a gay bathhouse to meet at and get it on. It’s obvious that’s what both of you want.

Hey MooCow, thanks for pointing that out. Have any good bath houses in mind? Perhaps you could bring the lotion.

No, you’ll just have to call 411 or look in the phone book. I wouldn’t know where any bathhouses would be. I realize you’re trying to recruit for the pink team, but I don’t swing that way.

What’s wrong w/pink, thats your gf’s favorite color

My girlfriends favorite color is ‘clear.’ Hey, I like 'em dumb.

Your all a bunch of monkey pluggin’ ass clowns.

You guys should consider looking up the guy from the “anal sex” post. I am meeting him tonight so tommorow is your turn. Eric can show him his “MonkeyBoy” hee hee…

Absolute raging idiots…sounds like you people spend more time running your ‘mouths’ than lifting.

Grow up!

Sorry to waste the webspace, everyone else, but I had to say something this time.

But children will be children, I suppose.

Oh geez, another activist. Sorry dude, but I don’t make considerations because you like sucking dick. If I want to call someone gay or make some similar joke, I will.

One of my friends at work is constantly ripping me…I’ll try to remember some of his shit and relay.