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Hey Powerflifters Turned Bodybuilders


I know that sumo wrestlers actually have a higher muscle density then body builders; so technically they are stronger. All the extra structure holds extra mass or something, right?

Im asking you SHW or HW, anybody in the upper 200s or the 320lb class, and decided to cut, DID YOU LOSE THE LEAN TISSUE OR WERE YOU ABLE TO PRESERVE IT??


Ask Dave.




Dave is a good guy to ask.


Are you a sumo wrestler?

Or just a fat guy trying to justify it to yourself?




I'm not fat.............just big boned!!


Hm, so I infer that he indeed keep his lean mass from that 60lb drop.

But he's still at about 10% isn't he... I wonder if i could get up to elite pw level for the 242lb and then cut down to 5%...

for mma