Hey personal trainers

Not sure if this will be allowed because it came off the Supertraining group, but here goes: “A good strength coach should have as broad an education as possible in all of those fields which you mention, not forgetting functional anatomy, biomechanics, motor control, tons of training experience in all aspects of the Iron Game, sport psychology, exercise physiology, all combined with a humble, eager passion for learning from everyone and a healthy dose of skepticism about all the fashionable fitness trends.” ? Mel Siff. The only thing I’d add is a strength coach should know their roots, meaning they should be familiar with the history of the Iron Game as well. Anyone agree/disagree with any of this?

Flat out, I think it is an excellent statement and I don’t have much more to add.

Amen. Very well said, although I would have included something about nutrition. It would be a good idea to emphasize continuing education as well.

Drax, why did you title this thread “hey personal trainers”? It seems to me that this thread should be directed at strength trainers. I think personal trainers and strength trainers are two totally different things, but what was said here is defenitely right on the money for a strength trainer.

It’s about strength coaches, so I thought it would be good for personal trainers as well.

Add nutritionalist a T-Mag reader and an open mind and you have the “perfect” personal trainer

I took this as something that should be a professional statement for either strength coaches or personal trainers.