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Hey - New to the Forums


i guess i should introduce myself: i am 13 years old i've been lifting for approximately 2 years now i am 5'4 164 oh and im more into powerlifting than bodybuilding i know i'm still a begginer but i feel that powerlifting has a much greater feeling of accomplishment i really love it


Do what you enjoy doing. Just don't get fat :wink:


thanks for the reply
i do not intend to get fat


It's good to have someone so young. Enjoy the forums. 13 seems REALLY young to me though. I hope you have a coach/dad who is helping you out. Let us know ifwe can help in any way. Good to have you!


thank you. my dad is coaching me he was a strength athlete before so he knows what he's doing


That's awesome, I wish I learned this stuff earlier. And being 164lbs without being a fatass at 5'4" and 13yo is huge. You'll be an absolute tank someday for sure.


Learn as much as you can. Work out. Eat clean. Lift with good form. Stay healthy. Stay humble. Get big

I wish I had been thinking about stuff like that when I was your age.


Play sports!




  1. Use your strength in a positive way
  2. Gain all around athleticism
  3. Make friends
  4. It's fun