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hey nebraska fans!!

now although we won 28-13, i thought it was a great game. equal up until you guys started cooling off in the 2nd half. but damn it feels good to beat the huskers

Yeah it must fell good to beat them durring one of the most awfull years they have ever had…Quite a accomplishment… you should feel proud of your self and your team.

i think we just proved we’re plain better than you.

I know exactly what Nebraska fans feel like right now. My Sooners just got their assed handed to them by the Okie Pokies.

Although I don't think OU deserves it, they do get top play for the Big 12 Title next Saturday. So they had better pull their head out of their asses.

I agree, you’re better than us in the worst year we’ve had in a long time. Congrats. It was a pretty good game, though, until the 4th.