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I noticed in another post that you were using snapcase for workout music. Another good band from buffalo you might want to check out is The Control – they are pretty insane. www.the-control.com

Hah, once again another music thread. Here are my newest discoveries:

Demon Hunter: Stupid ass name, but good music. Not satanic as their name kind of suggests.

Chevelle: Their newest release (not sure if it’s even out yet, yay mp3s) is so much better than the last.

Hopesfall: Good hardcore/metalcore with some punk and melody.

Blindside: POD called their new release “Album of the Year” and I think i might have to agree.

Mudvayne: DL’ed the new album, still growing on me, it has potential. A bit more radio-friendly than L.D. 50

If any of you are interested you can IM me at DerekLUAXP and I could send you some stuff.

Awesome picks. Chevelle and Blindside are definitely kicking ass. I also picked up some tracks from Sugar Cult. Pretty cool stuff.

Hell yeah. Quarashi is the shit. I’ve got Stick Em Up on my workout CD. Clawfinger is pretty good too, but I’ll have to check out the other bands. Thanks for the suggestions.