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Hey look, another Fat Fast post :)

Because I don’t think I want to do tuna and water ever again, ever for a day…
I did read both of Brock’s articles on this. I’m just kind of curious about the flax oil/protein powder mix… for you people who have done it, is it just that mixed together? Do you add some water to make it drinkable? And how many meals a day did you end up having?

Basically, I’ve used a low carb protein power mixed into a shake with water and a flaxseed/borage oil combination. The number of meals depends on how much water and protein powder you use. Personally, I don’t think the number of meals makes a difference, although some argue that since each protein meal temporarily boosts one’s metabolism, more is better.

it depends on your taste buds and what kind of protein powder, I usually add as little water as edibly possible so I can just throw it down in two gulps and be done with it, but flax really doesn’t taste THAT bad . . . usually I would end up having two shakes with two servings of flax each at the beginning and end of the day, and three regular protein shakes in the middle, however, it’s better to not just have protein-only meals, but I was at school and had no way to keep the flax cold which is key, it’s better to have five shakes a day with a serving of flax in each, then have like the article says, cheese or oil packed tuna or some bacon at the end of the day as a reward for being so steadfast, it’s a tough diet but it is awesome for cutting a couple dozen pounds in a coupla weeks. good luck

If you’re going to mix flax oil and protein powder, add a tablespoon of powdered soy lecithin. The lecithin is non-estrogenic and will emulsify the oil so it mixes OK. It’s also good for you. Do not use liquid lecithin; that stuff is plain crap. Use powdered lecithin only.

I mix flax oil and Lo-Carb Grow all the time and it tastes fine.

I just re-read your question and I’ll point out that you mix the protein powder with the normal amount of water (or skim milk) to taste just like you normally would. The flax oil and lecithin is added to THAT mixture. You didn’t think you just mixed protein powder with flax oil alone? Yuck!

Anyone try the Fat Fast with the Hot Rox yet?

Haha Yorik…yeah I admit I was getting images of oil and protein powder and this sludgy kind of mixture…you never know!! :slight_smile:
Presently girding my loins for my flax oil to arrive and then I’ll give it a go…thanks for the replies everyone.