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Hey, Let's Go Kill a Vampire


I just read the Vampire article a few minutes ago. In disbelief, I read it again and again. I counld NAWT believe that TWILIGHT is actually being written about here. I've wanted to chill on this cat but Edward, my boy its fucking ON!

Its gonna feel so good when we cleanse the world of you and your excommunicated family. You are not wicked, you are not ready.

T-Nation, we have had our disputes but for the love of all things pure fight with me. We have to destroy this Twilight bullshit before it gets bigger. I had no idea how big it has gotten because I'm not into "mainstream" for the most part I'm a nightsider.

The Dark army is always willing to accept those who despise pussy vampires. So can we work together on this?

This is a fucking crusade, do not turn away. However if you choose to ignore or flame I'll be more than happy to swing the steel alone.

So T-Nation, do we have a war?


When I read that Atomic Dog this morning, I knew Ct. Rock was going to have something interesting/wierd/incomprehensible/funny to say about it.


3/4 times i watched twilight, i was getting laid before the baseball scene


and the other 1/4 times? Changing out the video to watch your geriatric gay porn?


I think it was BBW gay porn this time.



"But let me get to my point. I've noticed a lot of preternaturally pale and skinny guys, invariably dressed in black, walking around lately. While I've yet to read a similar opinion anywhere, I think this look is a direct result of vampire fever." He forgot to mention that they've throwing loaded barbells and catching them again, while soaking skittles and weed with vodka.



think of all the mmf's you could have with hs girl though

fuck, I guess I'm alone on this one.




lol, the third time i saw it i watched it by myself. like i said, the first two times i made it up to or just before the baseball scene.


Could have also been 2 guys 1 cup.



im buying it tonight and inviting every girl i know to watch it at my house.


Especially after he flunked out of rehab.


I don't get why girls are obsessed with Edward. He's such a emo faggit.


because it's in to like emo faggits apparently...


Well I'm going to become a emo faggit then, that pees in butts. I would have so much 12-18 year old pussghetti.


Yeah, I had some of my "goth" (I hate having to label them that for the sake of the story, they're freakin cool) friends tell me that the whole "scene" crowd didn't use to be effeminate emo kids and that they wish it could go back to the glory days... this seems to be happening to all walks of life if you ask me. Bodybuilding, "scene", hip hop..everything's getting watered down in The Main Stream..


Heh, I just saw the Vampire episode of South Park. That was some funny shit.
''I am now going to feed, per se...''


Correct me if i'm wrong, but this is what i get from what i know about twilight. It is now cool as well as hot to be a pale skinny guy with a bad haricut? How did this happen? Are you telling me that the younger generation of chicks are gonna think we look bad for being tan and muscular when they reach legal age?? That ain't right. I'll shoot myself in the head if the dudes who use to be dorks start getting all the hot college pussy.


VonStinkle, I love your avatar...so much.


great tits