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Hey ~karma~! :P

Red Wings 4, Avalanche 2 :stuck_out_tongue: Roy just can’t stand Red and White. It must hurt his eyes or something. Sorry, my buddy that I used to work with from Colorado doesn’t work with me anymore, so I need to gloat somewhere!

I hear you, man. I love my Av’s but I’d be a friggin’ blind idiot not to see Roy has issues with the Wings. Hell, the two franchise’s record is Wings getting the better end of 17-12-1. Fuckers. And after last year’s miserable Game 6 empty-gloved Statue of Liberty, he’s simply never recovered. Gloat away; your team earned you that right.

It’s a shame that I don’t even have anything to pick on Skoula for from this game. That bastard always fucks up but this time it was Sakic pulling the trademark Skoula move - passing directly to the opposing team inside the blue line. But if Foote hadn’t been late on that shift change or if De Vries had been better positioned, goal 3 wouldn’t have been made and we’d have kicked your ass in OT. :wink: