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Hey Just Getting A Few Opinions On The Diet....

So this is pretty much it. Its basically just a diet to get me going since i havent been lifting for the last three months. No main goal with this. If anything just a slow lean bulk with a few tweaks.


-Meal One:
2 Scoops Matt’s Mix(http://www.bodybuildingdungeon.com/forums/supplements/33609-so-i.html)
1 Cup Oatmeal

-Meal Two:
6oz Chicken
1/2 Cup Brown Rice
1 Cup Spinach

-Meal Three:
6oz Ground Beef
1/2 Cup Brown Rice
1 Cup Broccali

-Meal Four: PRE W/O
6oz Chicken
Toasted Multi Grain Bread
Marrinara Sauce

-Meal Five: POST W/0
2 Scoops ON 100% Whey

-Meal Six:
6oz W/e Meat My Mom Makes
Medium Salad
Few Almonds

-Meal Seven:
1 Scoop ON 100% Casein
1 Scoop Matt’s Mix

My Stats Are:
20years old

I’ll give a quick opinion - your food choices look pretty good (although I didn’t check out that matt’s mix you have for breakfast, if its a sensible protein source then breakfast is fine with the oats).

HOwever your pre workout meal is off. Chicken + cheese + marinara isn’t optimal. You can have your chicken and maybe some rice or something, then right before your WO have some whey.

In general your food choices look ok though.

IMO I would get more fat, like drink some whole milk with a few of the meals or add olive oil into the mix. I would not eat dairy foods in your preworkout meal, I’d end up throwing up, but thats just me. You do have great plan though and I hope you benefit from it!

I would suggest just eating some more real food instead of whey. If you are working hard in the gym (as in lots of big movements) and eating a ton of protein, you won’t get really fat. Eat what you want preworkout…marinara and chicken are fine, as long as you eat preworkout, you’ll be good to go. I agree with having more fats, and fish oil is essential for anyone