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Hey joe! GOt a question about Vioxx for ya man

Alright, ive been put on vioxx becuase i have psoriatic arhtritis 25mg per day. I noticed in the interview you did with T-mag you mentioned you took vioxx. Ive also been reading around how NSAIDs put protien synthesis on pause.

So my question have you noticed how vioxx has affected your gains and are you on the same 25mg/day? thanks man


It IS true that NSAIDS are counterproductive to building muscle. Unfortunately, I HAVE to take this crap in order to get through certain workouts! I take 25-50mg. the night before ME and DE upper body days so I could get through the workouts.

Here’s how I look at it. What’s more counterproductive to me getting bigger and stronger:
A. Taking vioxx 2-3 times a week so I can do would I love most in life - lift heavy weights!
B. Don’t take vioxx and resort to a life of cardio and calf raises.

I chose A.

And by the way, I’m not one of these lazy pieces of shit who just relies on pain killers to get through my pain. I’m busting my ass to actually make changes in my shoulder musculature and the soft tissue surrounding it. I spend good money to see one of the best soft tissue specialists in the country 2-3X/week, I’m doing tons of external rotator work as well as flexibility work for my internal rotators. The day I don’t need the NSAID’s anymore, believe me, I’m throwing the shit in the garbage.

I tend to think the actual, noticable inhibition of muscle growth caused by the kind of use Joe describes is over exagerated. Many people are afraid to take nsaids even when they may be of some benefit. Athletes who make money at their craft come to mind. Sometimes, they just need a quick fix.

I’m not saying you should rely on them, or use them every time you’re sore, but once a month for a few days doesn’t seem to be all that bad.

i have arthritis, is pretty much a requirement that i take them fulltime all the time


Was it because of that bone problem your lower back that you had to have surgeries several times?

Coach D:

ART is phenomenal. Been getting it for years, myself. Have you ever tried prolotherapy? I discovered it last fall and put it right up there with ART. Might be something that could help with your shoulder.


herb311: psoriatic arhtritis is an inflammatory arthritis (as distinct from the typical “wear and tear” osteoarthritis) so you might try things which decrease inflammation e.g. omega 3 fatty acids (fish and flax oils) as well as decreasing omega 6 fatty acids except GLA (borage oil or evening primrose oil). I have no personal experience working with patients with psoriatic arthritis but other things which decrease inflammation which might be useful would include MSM, tumeric (curcumerin) and an ayurvedic herb boswella. Spiking insulin, while useful for other purposes, does adversely effect inflammatory mediators. I have no idea how much of an effect this might have on your particular condition, but if you are using a post workout drink to spike insulin you might stop it for a while to see if this has any effect on your condition or not.