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Hey Jerky!!



Whether it's beef, turkey, buffalo, or whatever, what is your favorite brand, flavor, critter, etc.?

I usually buy either Jack Link's or Pemmican original or peppered. Not a big Slim Jim fan, although I did like the Randy "Macho Man" Savage commericials a few years ago.


Jack Link's


I'm not sure Slim Jims count as "beef jerky". I think they taste awesome, but they seem more like thin, highly processed sausages to me, not at all jerky-like.

Anyway, my contribution to this thread is useless, because I don't eat beef jerky, it gets stuck in my back teeth and drives me insane...


I buy Oberto`s, either Steakhouse, or Original, a great way to get protein between meals.


Anything hot...real hot...I had this russian flavor once but I can't remember the name. Also, anything Habanero.


I love ostrim ostrich jerky. Lower carb content and oh so yummy.

Stay far away from the BBQ flavor though.


Pemmican's is my personal favorite.

It's actually pretty easy to make your own Beef Jerky... you just need a tasty marinade!


Oberto is the shit. A good piece of original actually reminds me of bacon.


I guess I always buy Jack Links Original beef jerky. I don't really like Pemmican that much.....also the jerky I ahve from the deer I shot is also pretty tasty.


but oberto's jerky has soy protein added.


Anyone know of any low-sodium jerky's and where to get it? (or a website?)


I don't know if there is a such a thing as low-sodium jerky as the high concentration may be related to the drying/curing process.

I did try some organic jerky from Whole Foods one time. It was expensive as hell and only mediocre in terms of taste and texture. It may have been bison or buffalo meat, I forget.