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Hey, it's International No Diet Day!

Check out this story: www.abcnews.go.com/sections/us/ DailyNews/nodietday020506.html


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If Thanksgiving and Christmas weren’t enough, we need another “day” to pig out. Great~

I don't get how people can be fat and fit. Fat people can't even crawl 1 mile on a treadmill. They can't even walk up the stairs without huffing. The saddest thing is I can climb up and down the stairs twice as fast as a fat person, even when I'm wearing a pair of 3-inch-stiletto-heels! (It actually happened about two weeks ago, and this fat individual claimed that she worked out regularly and that she was fit.) So I don't see how fat people can be fit. They need to just shut up and lose weight instead of telling others that being fat is beautiful.