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Hey, Is This Thing On?

It’s all fun and games until you get to the 6x6 :grin:
( i have no idea if you will go for a 6x6 on bench, but that just popped in my mind, sorry)

Week 5 Day 2

Close-grip bench press 185x3x6

Deadlift (no belt) 315x5x5

Chin-ups BWx2x8

Pulls were solid and probably could have done a few more sets, although my hands might have taken a massive beating from the double overhand grip. Anyhow, on to squats on Friday.

Double overhand??? YOW! respect.

Week 5 Day 3

High-bar squat (no belt) 265x6x5

Bench press 215x6x2

I lost count on my squat sets because my boys were ‘helping daddy exresize,’ and ended up doing an extra set of 5. Don’t think I’ll regret it ultimately, but it will probably make tomorrow a little more fun when I’m walking around Idlewild all day long with the wife and kids, lol.

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Week 6 Day 1

High-bar squats 245x6x2

Bench press 245x4x4

Hammer curls 45x2x10

Feels weird (and a little sad) using the same weight for squat and bench. Last rep on the 4th set of bench was somewhat challenging, but no threat of missing a rep so still room for progress going forward.

Week 6 Day 2

Close-grip bench press 195x3x6

Deadlifts 335x4x4

Chin-ups BWx2x8

Solid day with the pulls. I stuck with the double-overhand grip just to see how my hands would hold up and everything was fine. Although I didn’t really need to, I did put my belt on after the first set. It did make the reps noticeably easier, but I decided to use it because I want to get used to wearing one again and since the weights on squat and deadlift will be going up steadily in the next several weeks I would prefer my lower back not get too beat up.

Week 6 Day 3

Squats (no belt) 285x4x4

Bench press 215x6x2

DB raise circuit 2x10

DB curls 2x15

Squats felt good today and had a little in the tank after each set. I’ve made some decent progress on the squat these past several weeks considering I probably wouldn’t have been able to do much more than one or 2 reps at that weight with a belt a couple of months ago.

Week 7 Day 1

Pause squats 245x6x2

Bench press 255x3x3

Hammer curls 45x2x12

Entering the final stretch of the program. I decided to do pause squats this time and made for a nice change of pace. Managed to get all the bench reps with pauses on the first rep of each set.

Week 7 Day 2

Close-grip Bench Press 195x3x8

Deadlifts 355x3x3

Chin-ups BWx2x10

Solid day. I used the belt on all three sets of triples with the deadlift, but I still went with double-overhand grip and didn’t have any issues with it either. What’s sad is I might be able to use double-overhand with my max deadlift at this point in time. Guess I’ll find out in a couple of weeks.

Week 7 Day 3

Squats (no belt) 305x3x3

Bench press 215x6x2

Shoulder raise circuit 2x12

DB curls s/s with DB extensions 2x10

Bumped the weight on the bar a little more than what was called for, but handled all three sets of triples pretty well. Pleased with my progress on all three lifts since I started this program.

Week 8 Day 1

Pause squat 245x6x2

Bench press 270x2x2

Reverse DB curls 2x15

Most weight I’ve pressed in a couple of years and both sets of doubles felt pretty good. Not easy, but bar moved nice and steady. My right elbow is getting a bit tender so after this program I’m going to need to back off the benching.

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Always feels good when everything goes right.

Looks like things are moving well in here.

Is the Russian program your using available online anywhere? I would like to take a look.

I’m not sure how they feel about putting links to other sites here, but you can find a generator for the routine on the joeskopec website. I would recommend you use training maxes for each of the lifts, or your body will probably end up hating you once you get to about week 3 or 4. Feel free to drop in if you have any questions.

Thanks. I know that site and will take a look at the programming . Might be a good bridge program between now and my next meet training cycle.

Week 8 Day 2

Close-grip bench press 205x2x8

Deadlifts 375x2x2

Chin-ups BWx2x8

Was able to stay on schedule with the deadlift, and still maintained a double-overhand grip with no fear of losing grip. I think when I test this next week, I’ll use the deadlift bar just to see what kind of carryover I can get, if any. Hell, I might even try a mixed grip.