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Hey - Introduction

Well, after about two years of religiously reading articles and posts, I’ve decided to make an account and become a part of all the great conversations that go on throughout this forum. I’m excited to get some great tips from all the experienced lifters out there and share ideas, theories, etc.
I’m 16-years-old, I weight approxamately 155 lbs and I’m 5 feet 7 inches tall. When I first picked up a weight in my life, I had the following stats:
150lb Deadlift x3
NO SQUAT (Never liked it - honestly, like most ‘newbies’, I was intimidated, but, now its’ my favorite lift - other than the Deadlift.)
30lb Dumbbell Bench Press x6

Yes, I know what you are thinking, these are all very weak numbers and I don’t deserve to be on this forum - lol - but, after just 4 weeks of training, I’ve reached the following (not joking)

250lb Deadlift x3
160lb Squat x6 (The first time I squated in my life, I squated 150 for 6.)
60lb Dummbell Bench x6

My general strength numbers went up significantly, I’m sure it was just the ‘newbie affect’, but, I’m still getting stronger and stronger everyday and I’m continuing to LOVE lifting.

I plan to go onto university and get into Biomechanics, Nutrition and maybe, one day, become a certified strength and conditioning coach.