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Lately I’ve been noticing that when I wake up in the morning/go to long without eating I get pretty damn unpleasant. For obvious reasons I try to avoid this. I’m just curious if anyone else has the same problem. In fact lately I’ve been finding that when I get like this I start dwelling on the most minute petty little bullshit things and they get me all worked up…then I eat and am back to normal.

Any thoughts, could this be a blood sugar thing?

when I get hungry I go psycho like buschemi in fargo

I do my best to not get real hungry, otherwise that killer instict hits me, and makes me a real pain in the ass for everyone around me. I think it runs in my family.

Sounds like you could be a little hypoglycemic. Do you feel lightheaded and nauseauted upon waking? I’d keep a banana on the nightstand, and upon waking, eat it, and see how you feel. It might knock off the hunger pangs, and elevate blood glucose levels to the normal range. A couple of questions,

  1. When(time) do you consume your last meal of the day?
  2. What does that meal usually consist of?
  3. What time do you wake up?

-The Starkdog

check into hyperglicemia (sp?) my old man has it and i have to watch what hes eating ontop of what i eat…it could also be hypoglicemia, but im no doc.


[quote]JackedJack wrote:

Any thoughts, could this be a blood sugar thing?[/quote]

Possibly, but if your only symptom is getting pissed off easily, you need to stop going so long without eating. I must have missed why that would even be an issue. I don’t wait to eat in the morning other than taking a shower and getting dressed. Why are you waiting? The bigger you get, the more of a problem that will be. On an average day, if I go longer than 3-4 hours without eating something, I will literally get weak and nauseated. Therefore, I don’t usually go that long without eating.

I generally don’t go more then 3 hours without eating and try to keep food around me at all costs. But sometimes shit happens. I almost always eat before I go to bed and alot of the time I keep a shake a my bedside. I don’t wait in the morning because if I do then I’m REALLY FUCKING MOODY and just feel like shit. Not really dizzy or nauseous, just cranky.

Happens to me too.

I call it Hangry.

As you can see I am very creative.

Mind if I use that?

I’m the same way… have actualy punched holes in my walls becasue i’m hungry… kinda wierd how u can get so mad over something so small