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Hey, I Gotta Take a Wizz!

Just curious how often during the course of a night you boys who are on/have been on take a leek? I'm ending a long cycle and while it might just be paranoia I've noticed that sometimes I get up like 2 x's to piss during the course of the night. Like I said I'm probably worrying about nothing since I do generally drink a 20 oz protien shake before I go to sleep/and finish it off at my bedside through the night.  Still I do pee alot. Just been thinking about it.


I noticed that during my cycle as well. It was 13 weeks, and I noticed that I was getting up a couple of times a night to take a leak. I was chalking it up to being an old fart, but when the cycle ended - well really after pct finished I quit getting up twice per night. Now I get up once in the middle of the night. It's a little perplexing to me in that I never used to get up to pee.


2-3 times per night. Somtimes need a sit-down also.

Once per night when off.


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Ditto. I say the people have spoken bro.. you're normal. lol

2 to 3x per night when on. Also I sweat profusely sometimes. I think of it as 5 or so "power naps" throughout the night because I was used to waking up so goddamn much.

High protein intake makes you pee more too. We all considerably up our protein when on as well.

Sometimes when I take one of my many leaks throughout the night, I mix up another nighttime shake.. and so the cycle continues.... :wink:


i shit and piss in the night


Thanks for letting us know that bville.


Perhaps this is a side effect of having an androgen-induced enlarged prostate?


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