Hey, how about we show our Blatant Better-than-thouness?

Yo guys, I got guud Idear. I feel that through this glorious regime of capitolism that some of us prosper in, we should be able to show our hardcoreness off in sytle, aside from chiseled pecs and cantaloupe biceps. In this spirit, I suggest we request TESTOSTERONE Jackets. Black (hmmm, leather would be too $$$) material of somesort w/ the Test. logo and perhaps some severly NON-PC maxim on back. Whatcha think, fellow manimals? Lata

“Well I woke up this mornin’ and got myself a Beer” - Mr. Mojo Risin


We already have T-mag leather jackets. They’re not available to the public unless you win one, though. Tim gives one away occasionally in his “Behind the Scenes” column. If we did sell them at the Biotest store, you wouldn’t like it. They retail for over a grand apiece.

They are incredibly bad ass, I must say. Black lambskin leather- a cross between a varsity jacket and a motorcycle jacket. The front has a small Testosterone logo, the back has a large “Testosterone- Muscle with Attitude” in yellow letters. One sleeve has a leather T-mag patch in blue. We’ll all be wearing ours at the Arnold. They’re real head turners.


Perhaps “pleather” ones would be more affordable? :wink:

at least give us the option to buy them, when i get fuckin huge i want to have a jacket that lets people know it

If not leather jackets, perhaps something like a windbreaker or even a hooded sweatshirt that could be sold through the website.

Aww Suckasis. Can we, like, badger and bitch 'n moan you guys into considering at least a windbreaker or pleather-type deal? How about I beat up a jogger with a neon headband? Then can I join the jacket club? I’ll even send a sample of his blood on the band, postage paid.

“Well I woke up this mornin’ and got myself a beer…” - Mr. Mojo Risin


Eric, you’ve got to be joking, right?? What the hell is your problem?

I’d also like to have something like that to wear around, but I have to admit that a big reason I like the whole T-Man thing is that it’s more about what you do in and out of the gym, not just a cool jacket. I probably couldn’t afford much clothing, but if some skinny rich kid goes and buys a bunch of t-mag clothing he gives the rest of us a bad name. I know they are a business, but they hopefully aren’t going to be that commercialized. I’d rather spend my money on the supplements and get bigger and leaner. Then any old shirt stretched over the guns will look like a t-mag shirt.