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Hey guys, new here

Im meaning this for the TRT section if somehow I f’d that up just redirect me.

Anyways whatsup guys this is my first post so Ill give some background…

Im a young guy (prefer not to state my age but younger then most here likely) I went through chemotherapy at 8 years old and was cleared just before I turned 10. Around the ages of 15-16 years old I felt like a normal kid high energy, high libido etc. As my teenage years progressed I started to slow down dramatically. By the age of 18 I was already having low T symptoms but I had no idea what that was nor was I really ‘aware’ of it at the time. Around 19 I started noticing I never had any morning wood it what seemed like years really. I dismissed these things for awhile, then a couple years later my sexual performance was pretty bad. I started to realize how different I was that way compared to all my friends. I finally got a very basic testosterone test done (just total T and e2) at the hospital I visit yearly for my cancer checkup and results came back in the 400’s with e2 at the very top of the range, the doc said your in range no problems here and dismissed me.

I had done a bit of research at that point and new that was maybe normal for a 60 year old. I tried everything natural from herbs to diets, to training certain ways, pefected my sleep etc you name it with almost zero improvement. My symptoms got worse and then came the fatigue, muscle loss, and mild depression. I finally decided to try and find a TRT doc. After a few months I finally found one who understood, I wasted so much time being told by docs ‘your young you should be peaking’ I KNOW A**HOLE but Im not I feel like IM 80! Anyways we started off with 50mg IM e3d and things started to get much better from the very first shot to about the 6th week. I then started to feel the effects of e2, fatigue came back, mood swings/depressive thoughts. My testies were starting to atrophy too at this point.

My next visit we added in hcg at 200iu 3x/week and moved to 120mg/week split 2 injections, we also added in DIM in hopes to stay off an AI. The first few weeks were mildly succesful (I do LOVE hcg though has a great impact on me) but e2 effects are starting to pick up again which leads me to today. My doc is super open and understanding about the fact that only I know how something makes me feel so she offered to increase my dose to 140mg/week and 900iu hcg/week. Im starting to realize e2 is more my problem then low T though… Im going to go back to basics Im going to try 30mg T and 250iu hcg EOD because my 60mg T shots always cause a downward spiral. I am getting a T and E2 test today before I start. I hope to feel more balanced this way and if this doesnt help then I will be adding an AI. Sorry for the rant just wanted to give all the info I could

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Did you have LH/FSH tested before starting TRT. That would be very important. You need to have had diagnostics to find the cause, not mask the [low-T] symptoms. Your high E2 levels make me wonder about your liver function. Do you have AST/ALT data?

High E2: We need to try to understand why your E2 levels are so high. You need anastrozole to manage E2 levels. You will need around 1mg per week, a very low dose. This will modulate your E2 levels and there are no side effects if E2 resultant E2 levels are near 22pg/ml. There seems to be a very few who cannot get balances on anastrozole. Take 1/2mg anastrozole at the time that you are injecting twice per week. If you need to refine the dose after that, chopping up tiny pills does not allow for fine dose control. Typically one needs to then make up an anastrozole solution and then dose increments are by the drop.

Yes I had my lh and fsh tested originally and they were both very close to the bottom reference number .

I also believe me liver is underfunctioning, I got acne when I started and my doc got me on liver pills and it cleared up super well. My original ast/alt numbers prior to treatment looked good but havent had them retested since starting.

Do you recommend I stay at 2x/week or move to EOD? I brought up an AI with my doc and am just waiting to hear back from her but I believe she will be open too it

Injecting twice a week with AI works very well. EOD is a bit smoother, more effort and makes AI dosing tricky if chopping pills.

Do you prefer subq or IM? My t is dosed at 100mg/ml so to do 50mg subQ that would be .5ml which seems a bit much. Im also on hcg so whats the best way to fit hcg into this plan?

Sorry also forgot to ask, with anastrazoles half life is 2x/week enough?

No half life of anastrozole will not create steady levels. But the objective is to have anastrozole match T levels and then they both will be falling together which then makes the situation fairly good.

Get script changed to 200mg/ml. You get 5 or 10ml vials. You can try it or use two injection sites and see whats comfortable.