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hey guys... need to vent a little

hey guys i havent written in a while under my real name because ive been playin football in college and didnt want some violation or something… but anyways a lot of the guys on my team give me shit about drinking my protein shakes and taking my bcaas and shit for post workout (they give us a high carb energy drink that i mix with bcaas protein and creatine instead of the surge that i used to take) anyways they keep telling me im wasting my money and all of this stuff. Its really pissing me off… its bullshit any ideas of what to tell them?>

Let your skills on the field do the talking.

Spencer with all do respect… your a t-man (am I right) and nothing, especially useless rants from single minded individuals should ever bother a t-man.

yea proofs in the pudding. if you dont accel more than them then just bite your lip

Three words: “yea, u right.”

Basically says "I dont have the time or desire to argue" with an underlying "I'm right." Pretty much pisses 'em off everytime.

thanx guys… i was thinking exactly along the same lines. A t-man would just shrug it off and keep working hard. I told them that i dont complain about their alcohol abuse so why bother me about my protein? it was humorous. thanks

The best way to shut them up is to flat out dominate. Become an all conference or an All American. Nothing can be said after that

“Fuck you, asshole.” Still a classic, always works. (If you can pull off a decent Austrian accent, so much the better.)

Just tell them, “You’re right, nutrition and supplementation have nothing to do with performance and recovery. I’m just a sucka for the color of it.”

Yep as a T-man, let it pass over you like water over a duck’s back. Just smile and think about how fun it is going to be to bang their girl friends who are attracted to you because of your calm T-man confidence and the outstanding physique your building. Just remember to scream “I’m a T-man” when you bust a nut.

Spencer, you’re a freshman in college on an athletic team. You’re gonna catch crap from the upper classmen no matter what you do. In a few years when you’re a junior, nobody will harass you about your supplements, and it might even be the cool thing to do. I guarantee you’ll have frosh start taking supps just because you are. In the mean time, just realize it could be something a lot worse they are harassing you about.

The NCAA has very conservative (stupid) rules that say S&C coaches can’t supply protein or amino acid supps to school athletes. Even though you really should take extra protein, maybe your teammates don’t do any outside reading like you do. Too bad…

Come on guys! You don’t have to be an asshole about it, do you think they’re going to lay off it you tell them to “go fuck themselves”? What I would do (and have done successfully) is after a really hard workout (when you know that the protein and BCAA’s will really help) offer to mix up them what you drink. The next day when they’re not sore and already feel recovered they’ll bug you again-for some more. Best of luck.