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Hey Everyone, New Here.


Hey there everyone,

I'm not exactly new here, been coming around for around 6-8 months now, reading the forums and articles, and to say the least, i've learned a lot from this site : ). Glad I finally signed up and decided to join in on some conversations and whatnot hopefully.

Guess now, since it's my "introduction" post, i'll, well, introduce myself a bit. =P

Names Dave. I'm only sixteen years old, actually. Kind of thought twice before admitting this because I wouldn't really want to be treated differently, but , might as well be honest =P

Anyways, i've been working out for slightly over a year now. Been doing the whole health thing for about a year and, oh, around a year and 4, 5 months? I was 6'0, about 235-240 pounds. Typical fatass. Well, I decided to turn that around, and over the course of some months of hard work, got down to 160. Then, I started working out. Did it incorrectly for like 4,5 months (just not eating enough protein and stuff, not huge deal stuff,) and nowadays i'm around 190-195, at about 6'1.

I came accross the "Merry Christmas, Bob" article one day, and have been coming here ever since, and damn i'm glad I found it.

Anyways, that's the story of how and why i'm here =P That's pretty much all I can really think of to say at this point, so, glad to be here fellas, hopefully you'll accept me as one of your own, eventually : )


To have the dedication to lose that weight much at 16 shows maturity and character. Glad to hear it.


Thanks a lot man, I appreciate it.

Yeah, it was tough, but definately worth it. Of course, I guess it didn't hurt that i'm pretty young =P