Hey Everybody, Help Me Please!

Hey all!

I’ve just turned 18, I used to play basketball on a professional level for a teenager from ages 15-17, but I had to stop because of a personal issue with my family, but now I’m back, and I want to be in the best shape of my life, because I’d like to keep playing basketball. I’ve already been working out, but not in a serious manner. I can’t register for a gym, because I simply don’t have the money, and I can’t ask from my parents (again private stuff :P)

some information about me:

18y/o, 5’10", used to weight before getting in shape 185 pounds and 18% of bodyfat, now I weight 166 pounds and I have 12% of bodyfat.
Right now I’m doing pushups, situps, simple bicep and tricep curls with 12kg barbell, and other simple drills.

now for my questions!

1st) What can I do at home with dumbbells and my own body? besides pushups and those. How can I work my shoulders, triceps&biceps, chest and etc… I need like a schedule, what to do on sunday, monday, tuesday and so on…

  1. Can I workout for exmaple 3-4 days a week, and play basketball in the same day? for example to workout in 17:00 and play basketball in a 19:00 or so…
    is it healthy if even possible? do I need to get more carbs and protein for it?

I’m terribly sorry if I’m being ignorant, I’m just really new to all of this! and I’m also sorry for my poor english, I don’t use english on my everyday life :stuck_out_tongue:


You mention a barbell and some dumbbells… how much weight do you have in total?

Do you have any other equipment - or are you looking for a dumbbell only program?

I’m assuming in basketball you’ll be looking for speed, power and endurance?
I’d be sticking to a ‘One Lift a Day’ program by Dan John (with emphasis on the explosive/olympic lifts - if you take the time to learn them) so it doesn’t interfere too much with your basketball.

Best of luck to ya.

with the dumbells you can do bi’s,tri’s,chest,shoulders,even squats. Just get creative. depending on how much weight you have will determine how much bigger and stronger you’ll get. As far as working out and playing basketball, you could basically say playing basketball is your cardio replacement for the day.

Someone paid you to play Basketball at the age of 15?

How does that work?

What position do you play? If you are a power forward, the advice would be pretty different than if you play point guard (I hope).

[quote]Aleksandr wrote:
What position do you play? If you are a power forward, the advice would be pretty different than if you play point guard (I hope).[/quote]

At 5’10, I don’t see much else to play other than point guard. At any level!

Hey, thanks for the helpers! to anwser some questions:

I do play as a point guard, used to play as a shooting guard some years ago.

when I said I played professionaly for a teen I meant that I played in a professional club competitivly, I didn’t get paid or anything ofcourse :smiley:

and I’m looking to strengthen my upperbody, because I am kind off athletic, always was, but ofcourse I don’t want to neglect my lower body!

Mainily I’m asking, can I work my upper body/lower body, to rest some, get some carbs, and go play basketball?
besides that any good info would be much appriciated!

and again, thanks alot for the helpers, and sorry for my poor english, hope you guys understand what I’m saying hehe :stuck_out_tongue: