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Hey CT, what do you think of power eating? have you heard of it?

Hey man i got a question for you, i bought this book awhile back called “Power Eating” by a woman named Susan M. Kleiner

I don’t know if your familiar with the book or with the program but if you are what do you think of it?

Man, I bought that book WAAAAAAYYYYYY back! At the time I found it to be interesting, especially since I had just came off of a ketogenic diet for the first time in my life. At the time I wasn’t very knowledgeable in the way of sports nutrition. The more I learned by reading guys like JB, the less I liked Power Eating, which is basically nothing but a higher calories and slightly higher protein variation of the FDA food pyramid diet. It will work, but it’s farfrom optimal.

The book lost some credibility with me when it stated that a huge carbs drink could have almost the same benefits as steroids in weight training individuals.

Outrageous hyperbole in the fitness world? Who would have thought?