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Hey, Clean Your Balls



I have clean balls...and I would like for her to play with them.

Fucking brilliant work of art, this commercial is.


Can't see the vid on my phone but I think I know what commercial you're talking about. Is it the one with Jaime Pressly?


Here ya go




the reverse of this commercial would be hilarious

a dude selling summer's eve hahahaha




LOL that is brilliant. And it actually looks like a decent product too.

I hate it when commercials actually make me wanna buy shit.


My buddy went to IU and got paid by Axe to give out promotional stuff at bars. We went fishing in Canada, and the back of the van we were in had boxes of crap like travel toothbrushes, mirrored aviator sunglasses, and some other crap I don't remember.

Didn't buy any bodywash, but I grabbed a bunch of their free stuff.