Hey Canadians! Any good gyms in vancouver?

Hey guys, I’m moving to Vancouver in a couple of weeks and was wondering if there were any quality gyms around, or powerlifting clubs to check out. A gym with a reverse-hyper would be a bonus, and several thong goddesses, for between sets entertainment!

It depends on where in the Vancouver area you are moving to. I live in Richmond, and my Company pays my dues at the River Club.
It’s not a bad club as there are only a few hard core people there. My T-Vixen and I pretty much have the power rack to ourselves when we need it. I think the step classes and aqua-fit classes are busy though, hahaha

thanks Dale, i’m goingto UBC so that might be an option. Aerobics, not my bad, but I could watch it all day…with the right participants

Vancouver sucks for gyms…the best one would be Pantheon Athletic Club or Olympic Athletic Club or Fitness Quest, don’t bother with the rest. North Vancouver has a Gold’s thats real nice,no hyper though,never seen one in the lower mainland


Let’s see. I am a UBC student myself. I’ve never been working out in the UBC gym due to so many people there. It’s always so crowded. I heard that fitness world is OK but most of them are in downtown and other areas.
YMCA is pretty close to my place but not too great too.