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Hey Canada, thanks for the support!

Now, let me preface this by saying that this is not directed to you T-Folks who live in and are proud of Canada, nor is it directed to any of your Canadian brothers and sisters.

It is, however, directed at your decision makers.

Let’s see here, Australia, for example, is sending 2000 troops to help us in “our” war against terrorism. Poland is sending 200 troops as a show of support.

Canada is sending none. Nada.

In a blatant snub that can roughly be translated to “Screw you, USA”, Canada’s leadership has chosen to turn it’s back on it’s biggest ally.

Outstanding. I hope the same geniuses that decided to travel down such a questionable path are the same ones that come crawling to the USA the next time they need any type of help or support.

Perhaps their strategy should have been thought out a little more carefully.

Last time I checked, the war against Iraq was a different war from the war against terrorism. We sent troops to Afganistan, which was “the war on terror”. Now, we aren’t sending troops to Iraq, but neither are France, Germany or Russia.

peace and love,

I have not heard anything about it yet and I haven;t read the paper yet about the decision, but I think should they need it Canada would send in some troops. But really how big a deal is sending in 200 troops when the US most likely will be able to kick some ass on their own. Besides everyone knows that the Candian army is woefully underfunded and not entirely too powerful. Why would we send half of our army(100 people) to die and leave our country unsupported :slight_smile: We’ll see what happens as the war progresses.
:slight_smile: Groove

Another thing I just thought of. Bush has made it pretty clear in his long rambling press confrences that this is HIS campaign against terror, and whether you believe that he is doing this for revenge and personbal and family pride or whether you believe he is only doing it for the American people, he has made it clear it is HIS campaign and America’s fight against terrorism. Why then, if it is his fight, would ANY other counrty end troops for him. Besides America has the largest and most well funded army in the world, why do they need help controlling a small problem like Iraq.
Oh yah, and I have no problem with your post, just throwing out some questions/comments
:slight_smile: groove

I think you are being a tad harsh. Canada remains 100% committed in fighting the US-led war on terror with troops stationed in Afghanistan, and naval vessels patrolling the Persian Gulf boarding suspected terrorist vessels on a daily basis. Canada simply does not have the resources to fight that many wars on that many fronts.

I don’t think it’s a big deal that Canada isn’t sending troops. It probably wouldn’t make much difference in the current attack plan, so why put more poeple in harms way? If a time comes when they are really needed, I think they would show up.

By the way, 2 Canadians and 1 American were just shot in Yemen.

Groove - I can’t remember all of his speeches, But last night’s was really short and to the point. I’m not a Bush defender…actually I’m more of a Bush diver.

I’m with Mulligan on this one. Canada has a long history of courage in war and offering support for wars they believe in.

mamann, please see my long rambling post on this topic about a month ago. I’m with you 100% on this. I explained my point and nobody responded, not one person cared enough about the subject to say a damn thing. I think my government has just about done the worst thing they could possibly do. At the very least, we could offer moral support to the U.S. even if we don’t necessarily agree with their goals or interests. Being such close neighbours, we can’t afford to be such idiots.

I see where you’re coming from, Groove.

You’re right, obviously the U.S. has the military might to take care of this itself.

But it’s the symbolism. The message sent when a country sends a few troops is like “Hey, this is all we can do, but we just want to show that we’re with ya.” This contrasts with “Not only do we not support you, but in case we’re not clear on this, we’ll emphasize that point by not sending ANYONE!”.

And I’m just surprised to see that attitude from Canada.

See what I mean?

And I do agree with you guys, SPBM and tl, in that Canada has, as far as I know, always been there in support. Which is one reason I am surprised that they’re not there now.

I’m not sure how I missed that, CGB, but I’ll check it out!

Perhaps they just don’t agree with us launching a pre-emptive strike against another sovereign nation. This is the first time in American history this has happened because this has historically been against American policy until now, because now we’re afraid. So why should they fight a fight that they believe is wrong? We’ve never done that for anyone else. I hate that about the American public, anytime someone doesn’t agree with us or help us we make a big fuss about it, but the US has NEVER helped anyone else unless it was in our interests. A lot of people believe that it is wrong under ANY circumstances to invade another country and destroy their government simply because we don’t like their leader and believe that he may have the capacity to do something bad sometime in the future. If you feel differently that’s fine, but Canada is under no obligation to fight a war they, and the rest of the world, feel is unjust.

Why do so many of my American brothers and sisters have such an elitist, selfish attitude against the rest of the world? In building this country aren’t we supposed to have learned from the past?

Enough I can’t take it anymore!!! Just drop the A Bomb and get it over w/!!!


ThaRealist - We have done this before. Panama, Grenada, the Balkans. All places where the situation was not an immediate threat to us. The Panama situation is perhaps the closest example since we went in there specifically to kick out Noriega because he’s a dick. In all of those situations there were multiple reasons for going in, just like there are now. Many people have said that they don’t think that we are doing this to help the Iraqi people. Or at least that it’s not the main reason. So what!? The end result is that they will be out from under that maniacs control and they will be better off. Isn’t this reason enough?

Hey. We’re supporting the (ahem) “War on Terror” as many have mentioned above. We’re not supporting your “War for Oil Control”.

Good for our “decision makers”. They need to act with some balls more often.

CGB is entirely right, that tool Jean Cretien (Anagram…“Inane reject”) is embarassing a good portion of Canadians.

To be honest, we’re embarassed that he is from Tex…oh wait…um…whatever…

“The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them”

~ Karl Marx

Ethics issues aside, as a Canadian I am very dissapointed in Chretiens decision. Not only is he an ugly motherfucker but now he’s solidified his position as a stupid motherfucker :slight_smile:

We’re putting ourselves as a nation at a great disadvantage by not helping out. This is based on the fact that the states drive so much of our economy and they are not likely to forget our decision any time soon.

If you knew more about the Canadian Military you would not be asking for help. I kid you not when I say that most ‘southern rednecks’ have more firepower than our entire army.

My good friend is an armoured officer in the Canadian Military, and has only been in a tank once… when he was taking his course.

Need I say more?

Canada, is a neutral Nation, it dosn’t start anything, it never wants a conflict. To be honest, I like that about Canada, I like that we can just focus on our selves, and enjoy life. We don’t want war, and our Prime Minister represented our views yesterday.

Fuck all you Americans who think Canada has to do whatever the USA does. Fuck off & die. Canada isn’t the 51st state & never will be, assholes. Cretien & no other PM has ever worked for a prez of the USA (except for that pig sellout Mulroney) & never will. Canada only gets involved it stupid shit like wars/violence if it’s a just cause, which this Iraq business of course is not.