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Hey California!


There is a very promising plan in the works to get an awesome line-up of speakers for a seminar in the LA area on the weekend of September 16-17, and we're trying to gauge interest. If you have any interest whatsoever, please drop me an email and we'll get you on a notification mailing list.


We've got three confirmed (Robertson, Cosgrove, and Cressey), one "most likely" (the good Dr. JB), and one TBD (you'll find out soon and be stoked).



We've been getting some good feedback on this thus far, so let's keep this thread up on the board so that this thing becomes a reality.



Sounds awesome. Count me in for sure!


I'm definitely interested. (Tried to email, but it wouldn't go through)


Tim Phoenix should go to this... you guys could see if hes as crazy as he actually seems.


Would love to go.


This is looking great, guys; we've gotten a good response. Looks like it could be a reality. Hopefully, we'll have some more details to report soon.

Keep the interest coming!



I would definately be interested.


Should make it in the Bay Area instead! Sounds good, though.


I'm interested!


Sounds Awesome !

Agreed. :slight_smile:


There's got to be more CA T-maggers than this. I've already emailed my interest, just wanted to BUMP.




I'm in So Cal and sent my interest via e-mail, but I'm not adverse to the Bay Area.

Better bars and restaurants by far. We could all hang out at Tommy's Joynt.


SoCal and definitely interested. Sending an email now.


Add my vote for the Bay Area.


Well I'd cetainly prefer it be in the Bay Area- granted the girls don't look as good.


a lot of bay area in the house..

count me in if its northern CA.


I've been out of town for the weekend, but I just wanted to keep this alive. It looks like this is going to be a reality, at the rate we're going. Thanks, everyone!



I'm interested!