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Hey Brock I heard you said...

Hey Brock,
I think Bill Roberts wrote that you knew of some bodybuilders using 1mcg of T3 per lb of bodyweight.
I myself have used 100mcg’s without feeling much if anything. (at 260lbs) I know these exprimenters must have been on gear to avoid catabolism. How much T3 did they suppress, did it shed a lot of fat?-Details ETC. ETC.

Are some people just poor esponders & need the mega dose for good results? Anyone here hit the 2-300mcg range with T3?

That dossage could cause heart faluire!

I’ve seen guys do 300mcg per day before with
no issues (they work up to that dose though).
Yeah, most use Deca or Primo to keep the muscle
from melting off.

Personally, I like 50mcg-75mcg per day for
myself and I might not every go over 125-150mcg.


So 25mcg a day for longer periods probably isn’t going to down regulate t3 out put that much. Would it be ok to use this dosing, (25mcg a day), for an 10-12 week bulking cycle??

Why would you use a thyroid booster during a bulking cycle?

You would use Thyroid during a bulking cycle because small doses increas your protein metabolism-thus you can gain more muscle by taking thyroid on a bulking cycle.

And there arent any safer, cheaper, more effective compounds you can get your hands on?

12-25mcg of Cytomel daily is very safe & very ecnomical.
Even Bill Roberts (who is fairly conservative) takes 12.5mcg of cytomel daily for extended periods of time.

Brock, how long would you stay on that 50-75 mcg?