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HEY BILL,TIM,TC ,JB,CHRIS,BROCK ! When is the best time to take T2?

Hey T-maggers.When is the best time to take T2?On a empty stomach,or with food,or stacked with MD6? If it is with food,what profile should I eat with it?THANKS

Good Question, is there nothing to answer that on the directions?

c,mon guys give us the info we need!

Just got my t2 today and was wondering the same thing.Any input would be useful.

My suggestions -

Start out by taking one capsule as soon as you
get out of bed.

If in 3-5 days this is not enough, add in another capsule at 1-3PM.

If in 3-5 days more this is not enough, add in
a third, final capsule at 8PMish.


Brock, how do you know if the dosage is “enough”? Should I go by the “warm and tingly feeling”, or something else?

Thanks for the info! Of course, now I need to ask: How do you know you’re taking too much? With a thermogenic like MD6 you’d get the shakes and nausea, probably, but what happens with this? Is “warm and tingly” just enough or too much? At 270 lb I’m thinking I’ll probably end up needing 3 tabs/day, but what symptoms will tell me if 2 is enough? Thanks again!