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Hey anybody home

What up T-fellas/vixens. This doesn’t have to do with nutrition or training just the people who help with the two (Biotest people). I mean has anybody heard from Bill Roberts, Brock, or Chris lately on the forums? I haven’t seen them much at all and figure they might be working on something fun. Does anybody know what they’re workin’ on?

Chris posted this morning in the photo section to some guy asking about getting a “T” tattoo. Haven’t seen Bill around for a couple of days. He posts mainly on the roid forum. Brock’s been AOL for weeks. It was nice to see Berardi post this week though. He needs to post more often and smack some sense into some people. :slight_smile:

They all have probably been busy with the paper mag, Biotest stuff - I mean c’mon…they’re busy people!