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Hey all

Just wanted to say Hi to everyone as a new member. I just started on the road to recovery from 4 spine surguries, and have ballooned up to 330 punds at 6 feet, about 35 percent fat. I’ve got a long road ahead and looking forward to the hard work and getting back into the pre-accident shape I was in of 190. Later all and thanks for a great site!

Best of luck!

there was a guy named “clueless” around a bit ago who asked a good bunch of beginner questions. Do a forum search on his name (under author) and read the posts he was involved in.

And quit eating so much! :slight_smile:

Good luck to you Gug. Work on your back stabilizer muscles. You don’t want to risk injuring that spine again. Had back surgery myself 4 years ago and now it is in much better shape than it was way before the surgery.