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Hey All - New Here


Hey guys,
I've been enjoying the readings on the site for a while, especialy Alpha's log, so I figured out I'd join in.

I don't want to turn out like the "guys" in Men's Health or other mags by any means !!!

So on me,
I'm from Montreal, Qc Canada and I train in a ghetto gym for a year and a half. Did a few months here and there before, but no commitement or nothing serious.
I'm 25 y-o, 6'1, 190 pounds. No clue about my body fat, I have some beer belly.

-My bench press is about 6-7x135 pounds, my PR was 155 pounds (I know it's low, I really want to improve that) I pretty much do negatives repetitions with my partner (2 or 3) I think it's doesn harm, right?

-Just started squats, trying to get the correct form. I used to do the squat machine, which doesnt improve the core so..

-I don't waste time or talk much at the gym, I try to keep the weightlifting around 1h.

I do 20-30 minutes of cardio after all training sessions (except when I do squats and lunges)
Sometimes 30 to 45 when it's an off day.

Right now i'm eating much leaner and I totaly avoid beer. And no carbs 4 hours before sleeping.

My usual diet/fuel
Morning 1h pre-workout : Shake of 1 scoop of whey + 1-2 banana and oat
pre-workout : some NO generator.
Post : shake of 2 scoops of whey + rasberries
1h after that: tuna or beef or chicken and some vegetables.
2 other meals later in the day (often leftovers) , then either in between or after 1-2 scoop of whey.
And I just ordered some BCAA's.

My long term goal is to get much better & stronger, and leaner.

My apologies for the long thread, and feel free to comment or ask anything, even if it's "fuck you, you fail"


I attached my pic, it's nothing spectacular -I don't care. it's me


What is your "pre-workout: some NO generator" ?? Is that like NO Xplode or something?



Black Powder.


I dont have any idea what "black powder" is but if its a NO Xplode type of supplement then you're wasting your money. There are a lot of pre/peri workout supplements sold on this site if you're interested. I just think NO supplements are BS.



yeah it's like NoXplod, It's not the first time I read something like this... it's only the second "box" I buy tho. I don't rely on it for my training, but sometimes when I slept 3 hours last night it's VERY helpful. I could drink 3 double espresso tho !! But thanks for the tip !


Is your goal to gain muscle, lose weight, or both? You don't look like you need to lose weight from your pic (although a side shot could be more telling). If you just want to get stronger, just eat plenty. Don't eat total garbage, but you don't need to be real strict either. Keep the weight heavy and add plates to the bar when you can - progression is key.


NO products get a bad rap on this website, but take a walk through a gym, talk to people and you'll meet quite a few who use them. If you have the money to spend on it and it helps you have a great workout, then it is doing its job. I know college athletes, experienced trainers, etc that love the stuff.


Your not eating nearly enough.
Work on doing pushups correctly instead of focusing on benching.
Drop the gym cardio and run hills/farmer's walks.
Foam Roll, Stretch
And fish oil will help with everything.

Good luck.


I just think it's funny somehow the mods haven't taken away his avatar because of the boobs...


You could literally not listen to a fucking word anyone else would ever say to you and just follow this advice and you'd be alright for the next year. After that, 90% of this would still apply to you. Best advice for a beginner, ever. Short, true, to the point.


This is good advice. I need to get fish oil caps as I'm almost out. I do have a question about doing the pushups instead of the benching... can you further explain this?

Also, the best supplement I've ever bought was an N.O. booster. I have very low energy, to the point where there have been times if I layed back on a bench I'd almost start taking a nap right there. Caffeine pills make me want to throw up, soda doesn't seem to have enough, but just half a scoop of N.O. before lifting and I'm good to go. By the end of the workout I still don't want to stop. My own energy levels have come up as I've been exercising more, but I still plan on using the N.O. along with whey at least half of the time.


Push-Ups can improve scapular stability, promote scapular retraction and depression (both of which are good things in performing the bench press), promote healthy rotator cuff function, and also work pretty much every muscle in your body if done correctly. I encourage you to check out www.ericcressey.com and www.elitefts.com. Both of which will greatly improve your training knowledge.


Thanks for your advices Hawksmoor, I was wondering for the fish oil...
I think I eat alot, but I'll eat even more.
I'm starting the onehundredpushup.com thing.. for some reason I was always weak at them.
And I'll deadlift more, if I can get my back to be straight.
I mostly do the "hill" cardio at the gym, but sometimes I like to just run outside, Dean Karnazes inspires me recently.

And it's not about luck, it's about SUCCESS.


Well my (long term)goal is : More strenght, gain muscle, and lose fat (I want a 6 pack I'm sick of my beer belly) I don't really know where to start, I just know that lower than 3 reps it doesn't seems to be very effective for my body yet.


Welcome to the site broseph. You better fucking post lots and read all the articles. Not just the ones you think might apply to you. This is the way to soak up the spirit of teh tmuscle. Then you take that shit to the gym and do things right.
In summary:
-make lots of posts
-read all the articles
-go workout


Not sure if I agree with this andrew. I've been reading this site for hundreds of hours in the last year and I rarely post. I read all the articles and hound the forums that pertain to me. I think I have like <20 posts? I rarely feel like I have something to contribute since I'm busy learning so much myself.

condition (if necessary)

To the OP- all you need to know is what Hawksmoor posted. Except maybe work on your form EVERY DAY. You will find theres much more than you think to most lifts, especially after the weight goes up.


dont clench your fists unless you are going to punch somebody


Or you're trying to take a crap when you're really constipated.


Today my training was short but it was good none the less

If anybody cares...
Squats: 12x135 12x135 4x225 5x225 12x135 (I know I could have go heavier..)
Deadlift: 10x135 12x135 5x185 7or8x185 2x225 2x225 (the first 225 it was a bitch, second set was alright)
Semi-suppinated pull-up 6 sets of max. rep (which is 4-5...)
Chin ups max again...
Fast walkin on the Hill for 10 minutes