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Hey A girl!

Read over on the “other side”, you know the steroid side? There is a post called “two posts in one” and the second post is about us. It’s pretty funny.

I’ve been wondering where that went!! I screwed up & put it on that side dammit it’s supposed to be here.

Sorry for being nosey but I checked it out. I noticed that most posts didn’t even comment on it. I never noticed any meows in either of your posts and find them refreshing from some of the “mines bigger than yours” BS that I read.

Hey A girl and Ironbabe, go check out my reply.


Hi! I’ve been working and just saw this post. OK Natey, what grade are you in? Sorry, but I just post what I am thinking and don’t “compare” my response with anyone elses. A lot of times ,Ironbabe will have posted 30 min before or after me, and our posts will show up simultaneously when the moderator has submitted it to the site, so we really are not responding to each other,just posting our thoughts, which may have a common thread. Sometimes I don’t comment at all when a female has responded and I think “Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say”. I enjoy reading everyone’s posts, but I especially like to read any of the women’s responses, because we are still a rare breed and I like to see what their perspective is on different topics.I hope you guys do too.

Don't get me wrong,If we were all lifting in a gym together, I would be compelled to try to lift more than "they" are and root for them to get a great lift at the same time. Hell,I compete with the guys as much as I can! But the Forum? naahhh! and your projection of that aspect of your personality onto us makes me think you must be just a kid. YOU GO VIXENS!(Hi Ironbabe, thanks for the heads up) Hey, T-bros keep those questions and comments coming.

What grade am I in? 3rd year honours math. All I meant was that I thought you both post good replies, etc & it was only ->like<- you were competing with each other. Of course I wasn;t reading anything into them because there was nothing there! geez & I guess it was just my way of saying it that’s all.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Your posts are usually thoughtfully composed, which is a nice change from the usual ‘What do you do for a living’ or ‘How much can you say you bench?’.

Natey-- You must always remember that inflections do not translate on Internet boards. You may have been joshing, but it is impossible to know that when others read your posts. Live and learn!