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Hexarelin - Subcutaneous or IM?

Sorry I had to start a new thread on this, my last was hijacked.

I found the requisite daily dosage in a study, but was unable to ascertain if the injections should be subcutaneous- like with HGH for example - or intramuscular, like with juice.

I suspect the former - anyone know?

What did you find for dosing?

I read a study where they administered hexarelin via IV, SUBCUTANEOUS, ORAL, AND NASAL SPRAY. And compared the routes of administration and dosage. I don’t have it on hand, though. I think I found it with a PubMed search for Hexarelin … I forget.

But, none of the routes of administration were intramusclar, as far as I have read. So I must assume that it would be subcutaneous like GH.

In the studies, they used 2 mcg per kg of weight. I need to convert.

Thanks for the info.

I have my own source for juice and would never ask anyone on here for that, but since Hexarelin is a different category, would appreciate you or anyone providng me via PM a reliable source for hexarelin.

I know of two public sources online, and neither seem reliable based on their miscommunication or noncommunication. Worse customer service than an underground dealer.

I have only seen it on research chem sites. Probably the same ones that you speak of.
Other than that, I don’t know where else you can obtain it.