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Hexagon Bar Deadlift


Hey guys, I just wanted to get your thoughts on Hex bar deadlifts. how do you think they compare to conventional and sumo deadlifts?


You're using the same basic muscles, aint ya?



I'd say I pull with the hex bar a little less than I pull with the straight bar. I think it hits the quads a little more while the straight bar involves the lower back a little more. I like to use both.


hex bar = more legs, less back.
still a good option and good for beginers


hex bar? What the? Anyone gotta link?


A lot of times people call it a trap bar. Unless it is something new that I'm not aware of. Here's a link.



Doing a 4 week cycle with the trap bar (hex bar) right now. Good stuff. It definitely moves the load right over the center of the feet. Consequently, it works quads and posterior chain (less on lower back) about equally. If you want more lower back work with one, you can lift from a deficit (stand on a 2" box or some such).

For reference, sumo deads are more glute, abductor, adductor-centric. Conventional deads are going to be more spread over the posterior chain (including lower back). Also of interest, a "hack squat" (which is a deadlift with the bar behind your feet, torso upright), is a heavily quad-dominant exercise.

Interesting that as the location of the weight moves front to back, the stress on the body moves back to front.